Promotion of Pineau des Charentes trough the two main current consumption patterns of Pineau des Charentes : pure and in a cocktail.

Our Methodology

Pineau Roadshow : A central travelling concept truck that covers the major centers and urban events of the country and to which will be attached all the other actions of the campaign.

First steps : Summer Tour

  • 18 activations in 3 regions of the country : Brussels, Belgian coast and Liège.
  • 18.000 direct contacts
  • 1 mixologist & 2 hostesses

Bar Tour : Tour of Brussels trendy bars and terraces. Training of our mixologist for the bartenders to use Pineau des Charentes in their cocktails and tastings of our cocktails to the clients.

  • 24 bars visited in 8 days
  • 1.300 direct contacts
  • 24 bartenders trained in making cocktails with Pineau des Charentes
  • 1 mixologist & 1 hostess


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Direct contacts

Bars visited in 8 days

Bartenders trained

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