Promo Sapiens turned 30!

Nov 19, 2019Promo Sapiens

Last year we celebrated our 30th birthday and @Promo Sapiens we like a good party!

The whole team got together to create a super-duper video with a lot of fun facts about our company.

The internal staff got spoiled, but we shared the fun with our clients as well! As a surprise, we all hit the road to meet our clients and personally deliver a box of tasty cupcakes! We were so happy to share this with all of them and loved the reactions we received.

Read some lovely comments from our clients here and don’t forget to take a look at the video to get to know us!

Happy Birthday to me!

“The cupcakes were perfect, we celebrated your birthday as we ate the cakes.” – Luxottica
“Thank you for the delicious cupcakes.” – Vandemoortele
“A big thank you!” – Pepsico
“Congratulations with your 30th Birthday! And thank you for the cupcakes, they are delicious. What a lovely idea!” – Adpoint
“Thank you for the little present and congrats for you 30th Birthday!” – Gardena
“What a great present to get as a client! Super fun idea. Thank you!” – Sony


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