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”The world is changing, we have the solution for you”



The world was reset after Covid 19. Rules, customs, do’s and don’ts; everything has evolved and people are not used to it. They must be guided in this process.

We have the solution!



Entrances, reception, offices and meeting rooms have evolved dramatically during the recent Covid 19 situation. One thing remains the same though – you want your staff & customers, to be safe and secure.

We have the solution!



Sooner than we think we will be able to go to festivals again, organize bigger events … But under renewed conditions.

We have the solution!



Would you also like to thank your staff and show them your appreciation for their dedication and patience in these hard times?

We have the solution!


After Covid 19, the world was reset.

This implies that rules, customs, do’s and don’ts we were used to have changed & evolved. Everybody, whatever their nationality, young or old, rich or poor… everyone should be educated about this new normal. We need to provide clear guidance.

We have the solution :

Our Safety Agents will inform your customers of adapted and appropriate strategies
Professionally trained safety agents will channel your customers in the new environment
All this with the necessary flair, kindness and a smile in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly


How to implement the Covid 19 guidelines in your company?
How to adapt the working area in order to ensure a healthy and safe environment?
Last but not least, how to inform your employees?

This is part of the new world we live in and we must take precautions & create awareness.

We have the solution :

All types of protection items, both for offices and for staff, custom-made; dispensers in all sizes and with all attachment facilities, plexiglass in all possible shapes, floor stickers, etc.
We can realize this for you in a personalized way.


In the near future we will be able to pick up our social lives, going to festivals, enjoying a good movie in the cinema, a day at a theme park with the kids, etc. Bringing large groups of people together will have to be done under strict security conditions from tomorrow on. This is the new world we’re living in and

We have the solution:

We can provide you with a fully equipped safety checkpoint on the spot, adapted to your requirements. Ranging from disinfectant handles, floor stickers, safety screens, direction indicators, to complete safety zone, fixed or mobile, that everyone must pass before entering the location.


As a manager, you will undoubtedly want to give your staff a boost, thanking them and showing them your preciousness for the past weeks, the months of hard work in difficult conditions. Put them in the spotlight!

We have the solution:

Who does not like to receive a gift? We make a personalised package, delivered in style at their home. A goodie bag filled with goodies, food or funny gadgets, completely composed according to your needs and wishes. Boost the motivation of your team and show your appreciation.. This will have a huge positive impact on your staff!

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